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Seattle Corporate Catering  is the online ordering portal for Seattle's best and most reliable catering company.  The company was created in 2003.   It is such a thrill to throw an important party or cater a meal that meets our client's high expectations.  It was the joy and passion that comes from this thrill that drove us to create this great Seattle catering company.  

With the Seattle Corporate Catering  website we have made it easier and quicker for our  corporate catering clients to place and track their event orders.  If you are planning a large confersiness meeting, ence or just a meal for a regularily scheduled business meeting, treat your attendees to great food and flavor.  SCC will confirm your online order and guarantee the success of your important event.  

If you are trying us for the first time, you can also call us directly or fill out the online catering request form and receive help from our sales department (206)453-3964.   We are also happy to invite you into our Queen Anne kitchen to try the food that you are considering for your important event.  

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Fresh, Express Catering for Business Meetings & Corporate Events




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